Our company is based in Southeast Asia.  We are subject matter experts in electronic surveillance.  We offer security products to business people, legal professionals, journalists, and regular folks, where such products can be purchased and used.  We offer real solutions.

We have a patent pending for a encryption system that is expected to come out in December of this year.

Contact:  rgpsecurity@cmail.nu


PGP Fingerprint     This can be found at MIT’s PGP Key Server:   http://pgp.mit.edu/

Enter our Key ID     0xb64da67d   under “extract a key” and “search string”

pub  4096R/B64DA67D 2014-09-01 "rgpsecurity@countermail.com" <rgpsecurity@countermail.com>
                               "rgpsecurity@cmail.nu" <rgpsecurity@cmail.nu>
	 Fingerprint=665A CFB6 BF3E 4DE1 5068  385A 2842 023C B64D A67D 


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