Ghostery- Track the Trackers and Stop Them If You Want


We want to use Mozilla and take advantage of the excellent privacy and security add-ons they offer.

Ghostery allows you to see who is tracking you and stop them.  Go to the Mozilla add-ons page and look under “Privacy and Security.”

Install it.  Go to Options/General and see the list of trackers you can block. Choose “select all.” Then see the “Cookies” tab next to “Trackers” and also choose “select all.” There are many other options such as where and if you can see the small bubble that tells you who wants to track you. One can also whitelist a site if needed. Ghostery blocks many kinds of trackers: advertising, analytics, beacons, privacy, widgets, behavior, cookie respawning, pornvertising, visitor-deanonymization, and many others. On the “Advanced” tab one can check a box to delete flash and silverlight cookies. Ghostery has over twenty million users.

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