Country Codes for Satellite Telephones

Satellite Telephone Country Codes

Below are prefixes one would dial in order to contact a certain kind of satellite telephone.  Remember that certain kinds of phones register with local cellular networks.

International Freephone Service                 800
ISCS                                                                   808
Inmarsat SNAC                                                870
BGAN                                                                870
Inmarsat Atlantic Ocean-East                       871
Inmarsat Pacific Ocean                                  872
Inmarsat Indian Ocean                                  873
Inmarsat Atlantic Ocean-West                      874
UPT                                                                    878
GMSS                                                                 881
ICO Global                                                        8810/8811
Ellipso                                                                8812/8813
Iridium                                                              8816/8817
Globalstar                                                         8818/8819
EMSAT                                                               88213
Thuraya                                                             88216
Disaster Relief                                                  888
International Premium Rate Service            979

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